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Crew Cab

The crew cab seats up to seven people – three up front and four on a wide bench seat in the rear. Air conditioning adds to in-cab comfort, while a lockable storage unit optimises space and keeps gear safe. GVM options up to 8,550kg means there’s plenty of scope for tools and materials.

Key Features

  • Low tare weight allowing for bigger payloads (at a given GVM).
  • 30,000km service intervals to help reduce maintenance costs.
  • Brake priority system overrides the accelerator.
  • Unique DUONIC dual clutch transmission for ease of driving and improved fuel consumption.

Technology and Performance

  • EEV-rated engine is cleaner than Euro 5 and produces less smoke and lower PM and CO2.
  • Piezo Fuel Injection system efficiently improves fuel economy and reduces pollutants.
  • Variable geometry turbo with electronic feedback control improves torque delivery.
  • 12 volt electrical system allows seamless integration of accessories (no voltage reducer required).

Safety and Comfort

  • Dual air bags (driver and far passenger).
  • Reinforced cab meets European ECE-R29 crash standards on wide cab models.
  • Suspended driver's seat with armrest, lumber support and weight adjustment (on wide cab models only).
  • Bluetooth audio for hands-free phone use.
Canter 516 City Crew Cab
Fuso Canter 516 City Crew Cab
  • Six-seat capacity (including driver).
  • Narrow cab allows for greater access and increased manoeuvrability in tight locations.
  • Driver and far passenger airbags.
  • Independent front suspension and rack-and-pinion steering for superior handling and stability.
  • Can be driven on a passenger car license.
  • Power/Torque
  • Transmission
  • Wheelbase
Canter 816 Crew Cab
Fuso Canter 816 Wide Crew Cab
  • Seven-seat capacity (including driver).
  • Suspended driver’s seat for improved comfort
  • Driver and far passenger airbags.
  • Car licence options.
    • GVM/GCM
    • Power/Torque
    • Transmission
      Manual and DUONIC AMT
    • Wheelbase
      3400mm or 3850mm
    Canter 918 Crew Cab
    Fuso Canter 918 Wide Crew Cab
    • 7 seat capacity including driver.
    • Suspended driver’s seat for improved comfort.
    • Low tare weight.
    • Driver and outside passenger airbags.
    • GVM/GCM
    • Power/Torque
    • Transmission
      Manual and Duonic AMT
    • Wheelbase