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Eco Hybrid

Companies as diverse as DHL and Fulton Hogan have turned to Canter Eco Hybrid to lower fleet emissions and cut fuel costs. This is the cleanest, most fuel-efficient Canter in the range. It pairs a 110kW turbo diesel engine with a 40kW motor for excellent performance in medium to low-speed environments. The Li-ion battery requires no periodic maintenance and is backed by a ten-year warranty.

Fuso NZ Canter Eco Hybrid

Class Leading Features

  • Class-leading tare weight allowing for bigger payloads (at a given GVM).
  • Class-leading 30,000km service intervals reducing maintenance costs.
  • Exclusive brake priority system overrides the accelerator.
  • Unique DUONIC dual clutch transmission for ease of driving and improved fuel consumption.

Technology and Performance

  • EEV rated engine is cleaner than Euro 5 and produces less smoke and lower PM and CO2.
  • 40kw / 220Nm hybrid electric motor.
  • Lithium-ion battery with ten-year warranty.
  • Idle Stop / Start system helps reduce fuel consumption.

Safety and Comfort

  • Driver and far side passenger airbags.
  • Reinforced cab meets European ECE-R29 crash standards.
  • Suspended driver seat with folding arm rest, lumber support and weight adjustment (wide cab only).
  • Bluetooth Audio for hands-free phone use.
Canter 816 Hybrid
Fuso Canter 816 Eco Hybrid Wide Cab
  • Idle Stop/Start maximises fuel efficiency and reduces emissions.
  • Electric motor provides additional engine support on demand and outputs a massive 220Nm of instant torque.
  • Digital dash mounted display shows battery charge level as well as electric motor status (charge/assist).
  • Car licence options.
  • Power/Torque
  • Transmission
  • Wheelbase
    3400mm or 3850mm